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The Power of Videos in Recruitment

Videos are part and parcel of our everyday lives these days with them being so accessible. So why do we not post as many as we should?

Is there room for CGSR in the Construction sector?

Over recent times, Ryan and I have been thinking of ways that we can expand the company and service more of our target market. We have identified that there is a whole sector that we are yet to tap into and as a result, it is in our thought process to recruit within construction. What […]

How I Plan My Day as a Recruiter

Recruiters get quite a bad wrap at times. Some of them can be annoying. Some of them can be too passive. Some can be walked all over and some just can’t even be bothered to do the job. But a recruiter is worth their weight in gold if they do their job properly and appropriately. […]

Interview Tips for a Client

Just like my blog titled ‘My Interview Tips for a Candidate’ I’m not looking to teach anyone how to suck eggs, this is from my experience and candidate feedback from interviews I’ve arranged. Remember as well, the interview is as much about the candidate as it is about you, which leads me to… 50/50 Gone […]

Interview Tips for a Candidate

Here, you may well see some useful tips from our experienced recruiter Andy Cook. These could be used for any job role.

Looking the Part; Feeling the Part

We wasn’t looking the part and felt un-professional. We made the necessary change and now our mindset has dramatically improved.

Back to the Office for CGSR

Xbox breaks became longer, food breaks started to become full meals where I’d be cooking for a while, call numbers started going down, and then, so did the figures.

The Return of the Blog

We have had a high demand in ensuring that our blog returns and it’s great to see that people missed reading what we have to say! So it’s official…we will be returning to producing one blog per week. What do you want to hear about? What topics would you like for us to cover? It’s […]

Tips for Working From Home

Given the last year, a large proportion of us are still working from home. This is something that I have been doing since forming CG Specialist Recruitment, so luckily, I have grown used to it. I have also made every mistake there is to make when it comes to working from home. Therefore, here are […]

7 Video Interview Tips

With the new reality we all face since the pandemic started, things have changed dramatically. One major change, due to the social distancing and the cautions that companies have rightfully put in place, is that video interviews using vices such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom have risen significantly. The Interview Tips below are just a […]

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