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Tips for Working From Home

Given the last year, a large proportion of us are still working from home. This is something that I have been doing since forming CG Specialist Recruitment, so luckily, I have grown used to it. I have also made every mistake there is to make when it comes to working from home. Therefore, here are […]

7 Video Interview Tips

With the new reality we all face since the pandemic started, things have changed dramatically. One major change, due to the social distancing and the cautions that companies have rightfully put in place, is that video interviews using vices such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom have risen significantly. The Interview Tips below are just a […]

Winter is Here

And so it begins. It seems as if the cold weather, the wet, gloomy mornings, and the commutes to work that physically and mentally drain you are upon us. Leaving the house in the dark and returning home in the dark. This year however, that will be slightly different due to the current pandemic in […]

The Comeback Story

It’s our first blog in a long while…we’re sorry! It has been well documented that I have the drive and ambition to reach my goals, however I struggle with the application and consistency. This is where that stops. I have spent the last few weeks thinking of a plan for the next two years to […]

Cooking Up a Storm: The Episodes So Far

Since starting ‘Cooking Up a Storm’, I have personally seen the benefit of listening to other people’s success stories has had on me. I have always been someone that learns from the example of others and then in turn try things out for myself and see where I can get to. Hopefully the episodes of […]

Our First Birthday!

On Thursday, 25th June 2020 we celebrated our first birthday. Here is a personal message from myself, Andy Cook, Owner & Director. Why did I want to start the business? As mentioned on ‘our first birthday special’ episode of Cooking Up a Storm (our podcast) I have always been an entrepreneurial person. In school, I […]

Undertaker ‘The Last Ride’: 5 Lessons I took from the Docuseries

Yes, you may think I am a big kid by seeing that I have watched the whole docuseries based on the Undertaker. When I was younger, I used to love watching WWE and Undertaker was always one of my top favourite superstars. I was intrigued to see what it takes to get to the top […]

My Career: A Fresh Start

So, I have taken a new step in my career. I like to be a ‘Silver lining to every cloud’ kind of person. I really do believe that there is a bright side to everything. Even in the darkest of times. Looking for the positive can really help with your mental stress. I have been […]


CG Specialist Recruitment has some breaking news to share with you all… It is no longer just me, Andy Cook, working here! We have expanded! An up and coming Recruiter and close friend of mine, Ryan Eustace, has joined me in the journey of building a successful agency for you, the people. What does Andy […]

Cooking Up a Storm

Our podcast, Cooking Up a Storm is still very much in the early stages. It is a podcast designed with the intention of allowing people to share their story, inspire others and allow people to learn from the experiences of the guests on the show. We have been looking for guests and recording podcasts in […]

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