Okay, I admit it. I’ve been caught. I’m guilty. I know the worth of them, but I don’t act upon it. I understand the power of videos in recruitment, but I choose to ignore it. I. Don’t. Post. Videos. Not as many as I should as a recruiter anyway. But why is this?

It’s 2021 and it shouldn’t come as a secret to you or anyone else that videos in any line of work, especially recruitment are extremely powerful. They are so accessible these days. You can post them on any social media platform. It’s easy. Scroll down the feed and the video will start playing. If it catches your attention within the first 3-5 seconds, then you’re caught. You will listen.

I have made videos. I would like to say I do make videos. But I don’t. So why? The convenience of watching a video instead of reading is plain to see. Making them however, can take some time. Thinking of the ideas, then filming, the many takes if you make a mistake, the editing… it does take time and after all, I am a recruiter and should be recruiting.

A video can show someone’s personality and can pack more information into a much shorter space of time. The old saying goes “People buy from people” and before this mega tech age, that was only relevant when meeting someone in person or by talking on the phone, a video can jump the beginning stages and give some sort of personal relationship without even speaking.

So what is the solution? Because videos do hold so much power. Making time for it would be a start. As mentioned in previous blogs, I am big on planning. All recruiters should be. Maybe spend some time at the end of the day. Or on Mondays which we kind of class as ‘Admin Days’ here at CGSR. We could even spend some of our precious weekends doing videos. We could bank them up and release them when the time is right. It could also just be a case of hiring someone to keep on top of it for us. But we’re not exactly there yet.

Whatever we choose, watch this space. More videos will be posted again, and you’ll probably get sick of the sight of me. But good. As long as I’m in your head, the next time you feel like you need new staff members or changing jobs yourself may have even popped into your head, I will be the first person you think of.

If either of those has entered your head already however, please do get in touch via email at r.eustace@cgsr.uk.com or by phone at 0207 340 9007

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