Since the start of CG Specialist Recruitment back in 2019, an office for the company didn’t exist. Queue me (Ryan) joining in June 2020, during the COVID Lockdowns and uncertainty. The WFH banner had gained momentum and companies who were previously against it were finding that staff could work from home and the company suffered little to no difference in profit loss.

Personally, it was a first. I had never worked from home. Before June 2019, neither had Andy. It was a fun yet telling experience. Waking up later due to no travel, finishing only to be switching off straight away, casually opening the cupboards or fridge to eat food whenever I felt like it, and among lots of other things, the best part was during breaks I could play my Xbox.

What a life to lead… or was it?

Eventually, I started waking up extremely close to the start time we’d set out, then suddenly, after. Xbox breaks became longer, food breaks started to become full meals where I’d be cooking for a while, call numbers started going down, and then, so did the figures. It became VERY clear that both Andy and I weren’t working how we have previously shown we can. Something needed to change.

We had a discussion and aired our grievances and were honest, thinking it was only ourselves, but it wasn’t, we were both struggling. We decided, as soon as COVID regulations allowed, we would at least go and view some offices.

After many different viewings, some way more successful than others, we find ourselves in our brand-new office in Croydon. CG SPECIALISTS FIRST-EVER OFFICE. How exciting? Well and truly another step on the ladder of what we want this company to be.

We strive to be professional, give a good honest service, and be worth the money we are paid. We feel with the office, we have this. Waking up earlier not only means you will be in the office on time due to the travel element, but it makes you feel more refreshed. More structured days. Keeping each other on task. Breaks are simply that, breaks, and not a small holiday.

Although getting the office together wasn’t the easiest, it took a few weeks, we’re finally here and have been working solidly for a couple of months now in an environment we can consistently put in top quality work. The sky is the limit here and although our current office may not be the biggest around, it certainly isn’t the smallest and in 5 years, would have more than tripled in size.

We are going places. Why would you want to recruit with anyone else?

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