With the new reality we all face since the pandemic started, things have changed dramatically. One major change, due to the social distancing and the cautions that companies have rightfully put in place, is that video interviews using vices such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom have risen significantly. The Interview Tips below are just a few little reminders of how to ensure you interview to your optimum capabilities.

So, without further ado, here are CG Specialist Recruitments 7 Video Interview Tips.

Be Presentable

This one is very important. Just because you are not going into their respective offices, that doesn’t mean you can interview in your favourite T-Shirt, your pyjamas as you’ve just woken up or a vest because it’s the summer and you’re hot. Ensure you have a smart shirt and suit jacket with a tie on.

WEAR SOMETHING SUITABLE ON YOUR LEGS!!! I can’t stress this enough, you may be lucky and not have to move from your seat, but what if they ask to see some credentials? Or they ask to see some of your previous work and you have to leave your seat. Not sure your interviewer would be very amused to see a presentable person on the top half but someone wearing their underwear on the bottom half!!!


This one can’t always be helped. Some people don’t always have the best internet connections. To restrict bandwidth traffic and that your connection is optimised; disconnect other devices from the internet, don’t have anything running in the background and if possible, ask other people in your home to refrain from using it for the duration of your interview.

Alternatively, if your connection is still not suitable for a full interview after taking the previous precautions, think about maybe going to a different location. Whilst this obviously may not be possible during COVID restrictions, think about maybe using your mobile data as a hotspot. The 4G connection is sometimes very reliable.

No Interruptions

If you were being interviewed and the interviewer had to leave the room or “deal with something” mid interview, you would not be happy. The same goes for you. If you live with others, make it clear that you are not to be disturbed. If you have young ones in the house, ask for noise to be kept to a minimum and try to work out a way for them to be properly looked after if need be.

Try to ensure you have no deliveries coming or food shops of the sort. Close windows if you live in an area where external noise may interrupt.

Make sure you’re not on mute or your video isn’t turned off

This one may sound quite simple, but it happens more often than you think and it’s not always easy to spot. Some video conferencing software automatically have you muted, or video turned off and it is up to you to turn it on.

The last thing you need is for you to give the speech of your life, trying to talk your way into their consideration and nobody has heard a word of it. Similarly, not being able to see you could be quite suspicious. It might sometimes be a good idea to turn your video off in order to have a better connection if yours is bad, but ensure you explain this to your potential employers first.

No distractions

The Interview Tips here slightly cross over, however as well as human interruptions, your phone is also important. TURN IT OFF. NOT SILENT. OFF. Even if its on silent and it rings, your eyes darting to the phone will make you lose concentration. Not at all professional. Turn off email notifications on your laptop and any other technological pop up that might bring you off your game.

There are many devices around the house these days that could cause a distraction. If you have a television in the room, have it turned off, not on mute, but off. Imagine there is a massive BREAKING NEWS story and whilst the interviewer is asking you an important question, you are reading the headlines instead of engaging. Not at all a good look.

No background noise

Again, busy roads or environments are not professional here and are to be avoided or brought to a minimum as much as possible. Close your windows and put yourself in a quiet area of your house. Ensure pets are not close by barking or making noise or bothering you.

Phones off so they don’t ring, televisions off so you can’t hear the sound and try to speak to other people you live with in order to let them know you are in an interview and noisy interactions are to be kept to a minimum

Body Language

This is probably the most important one of them all. Just because you are at home and find yourself in your comfort zone, your body language should NOT reflect this. Sit up straight in an appropriate chair (not your sofa) and make sure the camera can fully see your face and you are clearly engaged in the conversation.

Not leaning back or looking uninterested or too laid back. You want the interviewer to see you as someone who really wants this job. Not as someone who is going through the motions.

These interview tips are just what I have come across myself in my time as a recruiter. Probably guilty of a few myself. I am in no way an expert on this but hopefully, you have taken something from this that can help you!


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