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It has been well documented that I have the drive and ambition to reach my goals, however I struggle with the application and consistency. This is where that stops. I have spent the last few weeks thinking of a plan for the next two years to grow in my career and develop into the person I wish to be.

The Gym

Personally, the gym helps me to maintain discipline. If I don’t go to the gym first thing in the morning after waking up my day feels distorted and I lose the discipline I would have had if I went.

Therefore I have set aside goals in the gym and a plan for the next few months to start with, and then review after. THIS MUST BE MAINTAINED.

Hip Flexor Injury

One of the reasons the title of this blog is called “The Comeback Story” is because about 9-10 weeks ago I tore my hip flexor. This kept me out of the gym, I haven’t played football since and to be honest, I haven’t felt the same.

I am now on my comeback and actually healed ahead of schedule. I’m working closely with a friend of mine who is a football coach and they have designed a plan for me to get back to full fitness on the football pitch!

Now you may be thinking, what does this have to do with work? Well, this hip flexor injury completely interrupted my concentration and took time away from my day having to visit the physio and do my exercises. So…the comeback from the hip flexor injury is on!


Recently, I have made an exciting investment in a business I’ve kept an eye on for a while. After making this investment and seeing the potential of where it could reach, something clicked. I knew that this is something that I wanted to do more of.

I have always been someone that believes in people and this was the key reason for my investment. The Founder is someone who will truly reach the stars and I want to be a part of their journey.

Given the potential success of this investment, I have planned to work as hard as humanly possible for the next two years and save a large portion of the money I make. This will be to invest in more people, businesses and ground-breaking ideas.


As mentioned earlier, I have always been someone who struggles with application and consistency. I have launched CookVlog which will be found on our YouTube page (CG Specialist Recruitment). CookVlog is a creation to ensure that I maintain my drive, stay consistent with my activities and also give the future Andy something to look back on so as I can notice the progress of my career.

This will be a weekly vlog.

The Result

If everything goes to plan, after this two year period I will be in a much better position. CG Specialist Recruitment will be thriving, I will be looking to build an investment portfolio and I will look like a Greek God because of my hard work in the gym (a long way to go for that!).

What are your ambitions? Do you have any plans like these?

Let me know.

Andy Cook

Owner & Director

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  1. Great read Andy! I resonated with it a lot like doing exercise in the morning! has to be done otherwise I’ll not do it.

    Fantastic news on the YouTube channel to keep discipline.

    Some useful info for you – the way the algorithm works on LinkedIn is if you post a YouTube link in the post then it won’t post it out as much to your target audience as LinkedIn see’s it as your “taking people away from LinkedIn”.

    What i would recommend is to put any links to external websites as a comment 🙂 you should get more traffic on the post 🙂


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