On Thursday, 25th June 2020 we celebrated our first birthday. Here is a personal message from myself, Andy Cook, Owner & Director.

Why did I want to start the business?

As mentioned on ‘our first birthday special’ episode of Cooking Up a Storm (our podcast) I have always been an entrepreneurial person. In school, I resonated with business and economics and any concept that allowed me to take the lead in any project.

I always had a goal of being successful in life. The idea of success can come in many forms’ dependant on the person, but to me, it was a case of being the best possible person I can be. Starting my own business and running it successfully to a point where myself and others can earn, learn, and grow – this was a concept that always excited me.

The start

I found myself getting very comfortable in the position I was in with my previous employer, Calco Services. This led me to make silly decisions and to not live up to my ‘potential’ that so many people had said they saw in me.

I realised that to live up to this potential, I needed to get hungry for something again and revert myself back to becoming successful in life. I could not do that given the position I was in, so I decided to speak with a few of my now mentors and business owners I know.

After several discussions with people, a lot of support from my close network and motivation I received from the doubters I realised this was the perfect time. I then took the plunge, left my previous employer on good terms, and started CG Specialist Recruitment.

The journey so far

It started off great, I was learning so much and I was hungry again. Hungry to be the best ‘Andy’ I could be. The concept of being my own boss was so exciting! Then the tests started to come…

I noticed that my self-discipline started to go wayward, so I tried to rectify this and the best way I found possible was to find a routine and stick to it. My tip: the gym was pivotal to this.

Once I sorted that out, I then came across another test…I lost out on 2 huge fees just before Christmas. So, I had to learn how to bounce back from that negative in a quick fashion and continue to grind.

Then…a global pandemic hit!

Luckily however, I did have a very good February, so I was always going to be fine going forward and I was starting to make some headway.

Something even more exciting then happened. I went into business with my close friend Ryan Eustace. Ryan knows where I want to take the business and has a common goal of being successful in life. Notice a theme here?

So, we find ourselves where we are now. Still looking to build on what we have, but now with many lessons learned (and no doubt more to come).

Now I am more excited than ever!

Thank You

The main reason for this blog, was to say a personal thank you. A thank you to everyone that has supported me and CG Specialist Recruitment. This will start sounding like a BAFTA speech soon so bear with me…

Thank you to my parents, to Bill, to Spencer & Ryan, to the Griffiths twins, to the Give & Go, to Aubrey, to Prince & Derrick, to every candidate and client so far, to Mike & Calco for helping what you see today and so many others. If I have forgotten anyone, I am sorry, I have the memory of a goldfish.

Without your support, who knows?

This is only our first birthday, I cannot wait to see what our 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, etc will be like.

Now, enough of me being soppy, I have work to do.

Andy Cook,

Owner & Director

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