Yes, you may think I am a big kid by seeing that I have watched the whole docuseries based on the Undertaker. When I was younger, I used to love watching WWE and Undertaker was always one of my top favourite superstars. I was intrigued to see what it takes to get to the top of a global phenomenon like the WWE and gain any inspirations from a true GOAT. So…here are 5 lessons that I took from ‘The Last Ride’.

  1. True respect is well earned

It is widely known that the Undertaker is and always will be the most respected WWE superstar of all time. But how does he command that respect? How did he make it as the ‘locker room leader’ that he has been labelled as? Well, the feedback from his peers is that he is the most trusted guy between them and the powers that be. He always had everyone’s best interests at heart and is 100% reliable. Undertaker is a staple in building the chemistry in the team of the WWE superstars as he always gives back in terms of critiquing. The fact that he was also able to consistently stay at the top of his game for 30 years in a truly competitive industry also commands respect. That comes with a severe work ethic and drive to want to succeed. The standards he set not only for himself, but for others on the brand to deliver the best quality was truly important…which brings me onto lesson number 2…

2. Do not let the standard slip

In one of the 5 episodes, Undertaker is quoted to have pulled everyone back after a show and give a speech at how they (himself included) all needed to step their game up. This is due to him realising his position in the business and the impact he can create to raise the standards. His passion for not only creating and leaving a legacy, but to also leave the business in a much better state than it was when he arrived is second to none.

This can be transferred into any walk of life. There are going to be days in which the standards will slip naturally, but it is important that we combat this by realising when this happens and addressing it immediately.

3. Commitment wins

The level of commitment he has is unreal. To maintain the mystique of his on-screen character, he, Mark Callaway, would dress and act in a way that would resonate with the fans when doing something as simple as visiting a grocery store. That is true commitment and staying committed at all times personified.

Personally, I can learn from this as I, the same as many others have sometimes lost commitment to the cause. It is important to, as the Undertaker did, always have the end goal in mind and stay committed to get the W.

4. “It’s the work that people don’t see”

After watching several successful entrepreneurs and people in business say this quote, it is difficult to understand initially what this means.

Well…to put it into perspective, the Undertaker went through 3 months of gruelling training whilst in his 50s just to perform one match at a high standard, not including all the surgeries and rehab. That quality match does not come without the hard work, but that work is nowhere near as publicised.

People may see the success of others and naturally think that it is based on luck or fortune. Well, this truly shows that it is the hard work that has paid off. An upcoming guest on our podcast ‘Cooking Up a Storm’ is a testament to this. This guest is a professional footballer who I know personally and have been lucky enough to see first-hand the work that he put in to get to where he is today

5. Stay relevant

Again, another cliché lesson here but an important one. Undertaker went through several character changes just to ‘stay relevant’ with his audience and consistently stay at the top of his industry.

We all need to do this to move with the times. Sometimes, this may mean taking 1 step back to take 5 forward.

I am not going to ramble on too much about the Undertaker’s docuseries as I recommend watching it for yourself, anyone can learn from it and you do not have to be a fan of professional wrestling.

I am however always up for discussing things like this, so please feel free to get in touch with me on the contact details below.

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