CG Specialist Recruitment has some breaking news to share with you all…

It is no longer just me, Andy Cook, working here! We have expanded! An up and coming Recruiter and close friend of mine, Ryan Eustace, has joined me in the journey of building a successful agency for you, the people.

What does Andy have to say about this?

“Well this truly is breaking news. I actually got Ryan into the industry…I saw something in him then that he would be a top-class recruiter. Don’t get me wrong, he still has a lot to learn (as do I) but he has seriously bought into the vision of the company and I’m excited to see what the future holds. As we’re close friends, he’s been there and seen what I’ve gone through in setting up the company. It hasn’t been easy and I think he appreciates that. He has the same goal as me in helping as many professionals in the industry as possible. We’re both big football fans and I’m sure that Ryan would like to think that he’s joined on a world-record transfer fee, but the truth is it was on a bosman deal.”

What does Ryan have to say about this?

“Well now this is exciting. Starting a new job always is but to be able to start a new job with a company you can really see going places makes it even more exciting. It was Andy who introduced me to the industry and since my first job in recruitment, I have learned from both him and leaders in the industry. Whilst I still have a lot to learn and no doubt always will, my skills as a recruiter have increased tenfold and I no longer have to lean on shear, raw charisma like I did when I was new to the industry. I am raring to go and always feel a sense of achievement when being able to match the correct professional with their ideal career choice.”

Ryan will be working alongside me in recruiting white-collar professionals for companies of all sizes in the construction, civil engineering and utilities sectors.

Ryan is hungry to live up to this breaking news and is looking to start working with people ASAP. To get in touch with Ryan, here are his contact details:

Landline: 0207 340 9007

Mobile: 07587 026 419

Thank you,

Andy & Ryan

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