Our podcast, Cooking Up a Storm is still very much in the early stages. It is a podcast designed with the intention of allowing people to share their story, inspire others and allow people to learn from the experiences of the guests on the show.

We have been looking for guests and recording podcasts in advance with the aim to officially release episodes in the coming weeks.

I can confirm that we have our first two official podcasts ready to post, however we wish to record more so as we do not fall behind schedule.

Splitting the Podcast

I felt that in the long-term if all goes to plan and our vision is realised, then one episode per week simply will not fulfil what we are looking to achieve.

Therefore, I have decided to split the podcast into two series.

Inspiration/Motivation: Airs Every Monday

This will be a series which will allow people from all backgrounds to share their stories of success to inspire others. Personally, as an entrepreneur and business owner, I am heavily inspired by the stories of others.

I know many people who have incredible experiences and stories to tell, however they have not had the chance or a platform to share this with others.

This is where this series will come in.

CG Specialist Recruitment was formed not just to be a standard recruitment agency, but to also inspire and help people, and I feel this could be a great tool to achieve this.

Our first guest on Cooking Up a Storm will be a close friend of mine, Victor Odeyemi. I have known Victor for most of my life and he has always had the dream of being a professional footballer. He has a very interesting story as to how he is got to where he is today, so please stay tuned for Victor’s story.

Construction, Civil Engineering & Utilities: Airs Every Thursday

CG Specialist Recruitment specialises within these sectors, so it would only be right to have a series based on the markets we operate within.

Cooking Up a Storm is all about adding value to our network, and once again, we invite professionals within the industry to not only share their stories, but to also discuss industry specific topics too.

Some ideas that have been mentioned have been discussing industry awards, speaking with winners of awards, EDI (equality, diversity, and inclusion), mental health in the industry and many more.

I am seriously looking forward to speaking with people on these topics and providing value to our network.

The first show for this series has been recorded, and it shares the story of Dannie Shipkova, a Quantity Surveyor within the utilities market who has high aspirations and became a Quantity Surveyor through learning on the job, rather than through education. Stay tuned for her episode.

As you can see, these are exciting times for us, and I sincerely hope that Cooking Up a Storm is received well.

We are always looking for guests to be on the show, so if you are interested in taking part to share your story or even discuss a specific topic, please get in touch with me on the contact details below.

020 7340 9007 / a.cook@cgsr.uk.com


Andy Cook

Owner & Director

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