Before we get into the announcements, I would like to say that I and CG Specialist Recruitment hope that everyone is staying safe in these testing times. Personally, I am trying to be positive, especially with this week being Mental Health Awareness Week.

However, considering all the bad going on we have exciting news.

We have two huge announcements that we would like to make, so let’s get into it.

Cooking Up a Storm

Something that I have been working on for CG Specialist Recruitment is to increase my content to both candidates and clients. I didn’t want to just focus on sharing which jobs we have on, I wanted to provide more value than that.

That is where I have come up with ‘Cooking Up a Storm’.

Yes this is a play on my surname, but ‘Cooking Up a Storm’ is a NEW PODCAST that we will be launching very soon. I want to speak with people in the industry in more depth, find out hidden nuggets and share it with others in the industry who can benefit from listening.

This is something new to me as well so apologies in advance for the teething stages.

Our podcast will be available on all streaming platforms as well as video on YouTube.

I am looking for guests to be on the podcast. I would like to get a range of people in the industry in terms of experience, role, background, etc. so as there is something for everyone.

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, please get in touch.

The 2% Fee

After speaking with a number of clients, a key issue that they will be facing during the gradual comeback from lockdown is cash flow. This has been a common theme for many industries.

I wanted to try and find a way that I can help with this, which is where I came up with the 2% fee.

In a nutshell, this is a new payment method that I will be rolling out where instead of paying an initial fee after a placement at my standard 15%, I will invoice 2% of the accepted salary on a monthly basis for a period of 12 months.

This will enable clients to not have the pressure of paying a lump sum invoice and gradually pay off the bill. A bit like a direct debit in a way.

I feel that this could be a win/win, as not only are you as a client not having a big hit on your cash flow, the candidate doesn’t miss out on their new job in which a lot of quality staff have been hit hard during this time.

We will still also be working on a standard basis too, however I wanted to provide this offering as a potential alternative.

So there are our two announcements. We are excited for the future, hopefully ‘Cooking Up a Storm’ can be a number one soon!

My contact details are here for anyone who wishes to be a guest on the podcast, or to discuss the 2% fee in more detail:

020 7340 9007 /


Andy Cook

Owner & Director

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