This lockdown has been a testing time for both myself and CG Specialist Recruitment. There has been new discoveries, plans, setbacks and pressures.

Here is a blog on the journey of lockdown and CGSR so far.

Plans for the New Financial Year

In the late stages of February/early stages of March, I was beginning to put in place plans and targets for the new financial year. The main factor being one year of trading coming up on 25th June. I wanted to ensure that we were not only in a healthy position financially, but also beginning to create a strong reputation in a competitive construction recruitment industry.

My main aim for the financial year was to help 30 professionals enhance their careers.

I still believe this can be possible even with the pandemic.


One of the key focuses for me during the lockdown was to get the website live. The website was already started and was originally planned to be released later, but with the extra time on my hands CG Specialist Recruitment was able to get the website live on 14th April.

What do you think?

New Ventures

As an Entrepreneur, I have plans to grow not only CG Specialist Recruitment, but also other business ventures. With the lockdown slowing the construction recruitment industry dramatically, I wanted to stay productive. I decided to put plans in place for new business ventures which thoroughly excite me, and I look forward to the times ahead.

Upcoming Content

I have been working alongside some leaders in the content creation industry who have given me pointers in how to be consistent in uploading content, as well as what to upload.

Keep an eye out for upcoming content from myself and CG Specialist Recruitment.

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My Discoveries

I have discovered that for me personally, in order to stay productive I need a routine. I’ve done my best to not use this time to be lazy (there have been some days admittedly). Another discovery I’ve made is that Call of Duty Warzone is undoubtably one of the most frustrating video games that I’ve ever played.


Overall, I have really just tried to stay productive and positive given the tough times. I keep thinking of how I’ll feel in the future about how I’ve spent my time in lockdown.

Let me know how you’ve spent this time in lockdown using the contact details below.

Clients and candidates out there, my phone line is still open, I am still able to work. If there are any recruitment needs, please feel free to get in touch.

CG Specialist Recruitment and I wish that everyone stay safe and stay positive.


Andy Cook

Owner & Director

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