It seems that we are slowly but surely making our way through this COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a short brief on an update to the construction sector as detailed by Grant Prior’s article on Construction Enquirer (

Business Coronavirus Support Finder

A ‘support finder’ tool has been produced by the UK Government which is intended to help business and the self-employed to determine any financial support currently available. It is a simple, short questionnaire which when completed directs you to a list of support that you may be eligible for.

Here is a link provided for this finder tool:

Testing for COVID-19

There has been guidance provided on accessing COVID-19 testing. It is currently available to essential workers, which includes some within the utilities and transport sectors for those who ensure the networks remain operational.

A link with further details can be found here.

Faster Payment Implementation

Research is being done looking into the effectiveness of measures to support the industry through the current pandemic by the Construction Coronavirus Task Force. Something that has been welcomed by the government has been the publication of Procurement Policy Note 2/20 Supplier Relief due to COVID-19. This asks all public sector clients to review their supply chain and implement measurers which support cash flow for at risk suppliers. Accelerated payment, forward ordering and payment in advance could be included in this. The note also calls for any payments made to be taken down the supply chain.


Hopefully, this update can be of help to those in the construction industry who have had a lot of questions unanswered in this pandemic.

Personally, I am trying to remain positive and looking forward to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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